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If there's one thing to be said about me, it's that I love a good brick wall. As frustrating as they can be at times, I love brick walls because they force us to think differently. They force us to learn new things and find new ways to overcome them. For the past handful of years, I have lived my life with belief that the best way to predict the future is to simply create it. It's a saying that can be said many ways, but my favorite is simply the idea that we are in charge of our future.

So, what has that idea done for me? I've often found that solving problems leads to new opportunities. My love of brick walls has added a variety but important set of skills under by belt that also includes graphic and web design, public speaking, user experience, data analysis, live sound, and more.

Even today, as a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, I find myself carrying multiple hats. I am officially a Political Science major with dual business minors that held a marketing internship and currently works as a marketing & management consultant. I don't write all this to tell my life story, but I believe my value comes from being able to connect the dots and translate among ideas and groups of people. While my love for connecting things has certainly kept me busy, I am excited about all the opportunities (and challenges) to come.


Previous part-time or full-time experiences that I've had

Bethesda Softworks

Marketing & Data

Supporting the global analytics of all Bethesda-published brands, with a focus on social media, web, and related industry platforms.

Working daily to help refine the way we tell our stories, specializing in the areas of: web & UX analytics, ecommerce tracking, paid media, mobile acquisition, data visualization, content analytics, and social media.

Oct 2016
April 2014 - February 2015


Marketing & Community Management

- Worked with a small team to coordinate and implement a pre-launch and post-launch marketing campaign and brand development for the VFit scanner.
- Deployed a customer service management platform for new and prospective clients
- Utilized an array of marketing tools to increase following and build awareness including: Email, video, social media optimization, content curation, print media, web design, and promotional writing.
Tools Used: CampaignMonitor, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Adobe Suite, Tweetdeck

Virginia Tech

Communications Strategist, Division of Student Affairs

- Coordinated with university officials to form the first Communications Strategist position within the Division of Student Affairs.
- Led the rebranding of an established university platform by analyzing user experience, analytics, and marketing strategy that increased engagement by 40% in 3 months, and 30% over the course of 6 months.
-Conducted qualitative and quantitative user research to provide usability recommendations to the Division of Student Affairs.
-Recruited a student team to provide consultation on high-level Division initiatives.
- Directed an interdisciplinary team, from concept to beta, that established a platform to enhance student innovation and entrepreneurship within the University.
- Provided consultation and policy recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs in the areas of program development, software acquisition, and digital strategy.
Tools Used: Google Analytics, InVision, Adobe Suite

May 2015 - June 2016
Years Freelance Videography Experience
Percent Increase in Virginia Tech Website in 3 months
Organizations while at Virginia Tech


Higher Education I've Recieved

B.S, Political Science

Virginia Tech



Organizations: Pamplin Reinventing Social Media (PRISM), Student Government Association, The Big Event, Innovate Entrepreneurial Living Learning Community, Apex Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Division of Student Affairs

My Recent Projects

Need design work? See my creative portfolio.

I provided contract photography, graphic design, and web design services to re-launch the website of Lefty's Main Street Grille, Blacksburg's premiere American restaurant.
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I led the implementation of a digital signage system for the Virginia Tech Student Government Association from concept to completion. I designed the screens as well as the initial round of content for displays that are seen by an estimated 10,000 Virginia Tech affiliated people per day.
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As part of a semester long marketing campaign with PRISM, I designed a series of animations for display during matches in Cassell Coliseum at Virginia Tech. The animations highlighted features of the local First & Main Shopping Center.
Through my work with Virginia Tech, I led a small team that reported directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Working in the areas of product management, marketing strategy, and student engagement we provided, and helped implement, recommendations on high level initiatives within the Division.
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Redesigned the Student Government Website to be more attractive to students and Virginia Tech community members. The website serves as a reference for campus issues, recruitment, and is one of the most trafficked organization websites at Virginia Tech
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Developed promotional and sales material for Everything Entertainment, a high-end events company in the Washington, DC area
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Served as a member of a small team that planned and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the launch of the Keystone Experience, a program designed to be a path through Virginia Tech for incoming students. This included both strategy for the current program as well as mockups for the next iterations (see link below)
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While in my role at VirtualU, I worked with a small team to develop promotional materials and a digital campaign around the launch of our flagship location.
Worked as a freelance videographer for Venveo, a digital marketing agency in Blacksburg, Virginia
Provided freelance video services to the Finance Department for their new round of promotional and recruitment videos
Developed the Promotional Reel for PRISM, a student-run marketing agency within the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech
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Led a small team of three students to represent Virginia Tech in the 2015 Analytics Competition. Working with real data from Starwood Hotels and Resorts, our team ranked in the top 20% of all 120 teams in Virginia Tech's first year of the competition.
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One of of the founding students of the Innovate Entrepreneurial Living Learning Community, a program that connects entrepreneurial students with resources and networks. Served as the House Supervisor during my second year in the program
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Developed a new marketing strategy for the Student Government Association. The strategy focused on four key areas- Web, Email, Social Media, and On-Campus Presence. A major change was a shift from mass-marketing to more targeted messaging. For example, students were classified into groups such as active member, interested student, and non-involved student and were given targeted messages accordingly. Email was a new addition, and typically has a 40% open rate for generic newsletters, and roughly 70% for targeted mailings.
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Led the re-launch of GobblerConnect, a University website that connects students with organizations. While I was not involved in the development side with the software vendor, I worked with a small team to increase traffic to the website by 40% in the span of three months. Since the start of the 2015-2016 school year, the website continues to receive 30% more traffic.
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Developed the promotional video for the Pamplin College of Business to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The video has been shown at multiple alumni events as well as the 50th Gala. Most animations and assets that appear in the video were custom made.

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